Rent A Boat Brijuni

The rental price includes the use of the fully equipped and insured boat. The rental price does not cover costs of fuel and other necessities, the fee for the owner’s or leaser’s crew and other additional services, marina costs and mooring berth.

In case of reservation the renter pays 25 percent of the amount in advance and the rest on the first day before receiving boat in possession.

The Renter may use the boat only in territorial waters of Croatia and within limit of 3 nautical miles from the shore. The Renter agrees not to rent or lend the boat to any other person, not to use the boat in any competition(s), not to use the boat for commercial purposes and not to use the boat in unfavourable weather conditions.

The Renter is required to observe all rules and regulations to keep the boat log and to operate the boat and equipment with utmost care. If a Skipper is not needed, either the Renter or one of the crewmembers must have a valid boat leader’s license in order to handle the boat and must be nominated as Skipper.
The Skipper is responsible for all violations of navigation and other regulations, even after the rental.

The Renter will receive all valid documents needed for rental and is required to take proper care of them during the rental period.

Gas boat is responsible to ensure that the boat is clean and tidy, ready (full gas and water tanks) and fully equipped. During the entire rental period, the boat remains the property of Gas boat . Prior to signing this Agreement, the Renter is required to inspect the general condition of the boat and to verify the equipment and inventory list. All defects and shortcomings on the boat and equipment not revealed before the boat rental, do not entitle the Renter to demand discount rental prices.

Prior to the rental, the Renter is required to put down a security deposit at Gas boat in the amount determined by this Agreement (the deposit can be made in cash only). The deposit will be returned in full to the Renter provided that the boat is returned on time, clean and tidy, not damaged and gas tank is full.

If the Renter would like to extend the rental period, the Renter is required to come to the agreed upon final destination and to contact Gas boat representative in order to obtain written permission for the new time and destination for the return of the boat.

Should the Renter and his/her crew for any reason cancel the rental after the beginning of the rental period (after boat pick up), Gas boat will retain the full rental price and charge the Renter for all costs related to the cancellation.
Should the Renter cancel the rental before pick up Gas boat will retain 25% of the rental price.

For all damage done, regardless of the cause, the Renter is required to immediately inform Gas boat who will instruct the Renter how to proceed.The Renter will be charged for all unauthorized repairs and replacements.

Should the boat be unavailable for any reason not related to the Renter, the Renter is entitled to claim a refund for the part of the rental period that the boat was unavailable. Gas boat will try to provide a similar or better replacement boat for the same price.

The Renter is required to return the boat to the owner on time at the agreed destination. The boat must be clean and tidy, not damaged, and the gas tank must be full. If the boat is not returned on time to the agreed destination, the Renter is required to pay the regular daily price for each day overdue (each day begun is considered a full day). The late return can be justified in the case of force majeure provided that the Renter immediately informs Gas boat . Costs for lost or damaged boat parts and/or equipment caused by the Renter and his/her crew due to negligence and careless operation of the boat will be deducted from the deposit. Should the gas tank not be full, the owner will deduct the required amount to fill the gas tank from the deposit.

The boat and equipment are insured for all damages and losses exceeding the deductible depending on the type of rented boat. The boat and the boat leader are insured for damages done to a third party. All damages and/or losses covered by the insurance must be immediately reported to Gas boat.

The Renter is required to pay the owner for all material and legal costs not covered by the insurance that are the result of the Renters deeds and negligence for which the owner is responsible to a third party. The Renter is particularly responsible in the case of boat confiscation due to unlawful activity. In the case of accident and/or shipwreck, the Renter is required to record the course of events or obtain a written note from the Harbor Master’s Office, from a doctor or from other authorized parties, as well as to immediately inform Gas boat. In the case that the boat is missing, confiscated, or driving is not possible or is forbidden by an authorized party or other, the Renter is required to inform Gas boat and the authorized parties. The Renter is required to check the oil level daily before starting engines The Renter is responsible for damages and losses due to the lack of oil in the engine. Damages caused to parts of the boat under the water level caused by the Renters negligence and careless operation will be charged to the Renter.

Gas boat is not responsible for the loss and/or damage to the Renters or third party’s property placed on the boat, By signing this Agreement, the Renter renounces claims to compensation for this type of losses and damages from Gas boat.

For eventual conflicts following from this Contract, both parts will try to solve them by common consent. If so will not be possible the court and the material law of the Republic of Croatia will be determined as authoritative. For the interpretation of this contract the court and the material law of the Republic of Croatia will consider the text written in croatian legaly worthy.

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